Tuesday, March 16, 2010

so very tired...

havin a stressful one this week. for a change you might think. stress for no reason. i'm eating more than i would care to admit. exercising less than i would like AND sitting in on st patrick's night on my own. sad. tired. but warm thanks to my super new electric heater. productive evening though. researching art initiatives i would like to get involved with, stalking the competition and all that so not a total waste of time. tomorrow i shall plan my next photography jaunt. must maintain journal so photos do not seem so one dimensional. enjoy your paddy's day one and all. (probably the one person that reads this really)

Friday, March 12, 2010

standing tall

tomorrow will be a first for me. im goin to croker for the rugby. cannot wait. super excited. kinda tired though. getting lax at the blogging lately. haven't really had anything to say. haven't been cycling. haven't been taking photos. haven't been exercising. have been eating way too much. back on track on monday. no more cider either. although i am having nice thursday nights it seems. there's an event in waterford held every thursday night in murphys on the quay known as the speakeasy sessions and there truely is a great buzz about the place. it's just like minded folk, young and not so young coming together to have a good time. i don't describe it very well because really you have to experience it to know what i'm talking about. so get on down there (plug)

met an interesting artist today. we got to chatting about recession and art and about how often times you will see after any period of economic downturn that there will be a surge in creativeness. that exhibitions and shows will pop up all over the place. food for thought really.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

hair hair

today i got a hair cut! nothing special, just more layers, kept my fringe and it is still violently red. i still love it. costs a fortune though. hence the staggering of the dying and cutting. doesnt seem so much when you spread it out. went for a potter around town then. tried on millions (literally) of outfits. bought a skirt, elasticated waistband, mandy will approve. bought a cardi(!) some leopard print heels, to add to the collection and some 50c tights. all in all a very fruitful trip. was a lonesome day. thought i had plans but then realised i didn't and nobody was around so home to watch the biggest load of tripe ever... valentines day! stick to the taking over the world mr goode!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

done... done done done

so it's done. my portfolio that is. due in on friday. i am leaving it be. too much messing about with it will just wreck it and my head. now for some ice cream. took everyone's advice on board and don't think i'll be able to thank everyone that helped out. only in helping them out in things that they need. it's been a group effort. time to sit and wait. but in the mean time i have refound my love of photography.