Sunday, February 28, 2010

i had a funny day yesterday. not funny haha. just funny. it left me with a huge sense of melancholy. i spent the morning photographing my back yard, and more importantly my dads mobile home. i spent the morning with him which is something i haven't done in a while. i don't know why it made me sad but it did. he is so content with his lot and was so eager to help me. so eager that he is bringing me around next week to take pictures of some spots that he knows that he thinks will be interesting. he's also taking me to smithfield market for the day. i also got news yesterday that a guy that i was in college with in first year hung himself last week. he dropped out in first year so I didn't know him THAT well but still and all it was very sad to hear. i would hate to think that one of my friends felt that they had nowhere to turn and that death was the only option.

yesterday was a tough day

Thursday, February 25, 2010

turning it around

the bike has been neglected lately! i have had so many things to do, mainly photography related really! the light lasts for about an hour after work so have been trying to get out on time to get some day light shots! not working in my favour though! the evenings are getting longer though so this is good news! have set myself little projects to give myself something to work at not just taking photos for the sake of it! loving it!

the gym has also suffered! still sitting at 11 stone, just haven't had a chance to go... excuses i know but i am eating well!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

go go go

been all go this week and it's only tuesday, last night i found myself standing on top of my car trying to get "the shot" think it turned out pretty well.

really enjoying having a camera back in my hands, went to Cork for the weekend, had an amazing time, spent some quality time with my lovely friend moe moe. had a gorgeous dinner, few too many glasses of wine, bit of a dance! sunday was a lovely day.... breakfast with some good friends, stroll around cork city with said good friends and my manual camera! happy times, pity i had to leave.

Friday, February 19, 2010


(road traffic accident)

so i had my first accident on my bike. well i say "on" my bike, i was technically dismounting but still consider it a bike accident. i slipped on some ice and hit the ground, was sore but my biggest concern was "who saw that" and seeing as it was a very busy road at 8.30 in the morning im gonna wager EVERYBODY! but i picked myself up and continued on... note to self... buy helmet!

in other news, the past two nights i have taken "my" camera out for a spin and taken some photos, it's been a while and i'm really enjoying it! hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


miffed with myself for lack of pics on this blog, must get cable for camera! was suposed to go on a photo mission today but the light was not on my side... must stop procrastinating... must stop writing procrastinations! gave up facebook applications for lent so hope to have more time for meaningful stuff other than the internet... like the photography book i got for valentines day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy VD x

happy valentines day to one and all.
been a bit of a lax blogger this week. been a busy one. went to a fancy dress ball on wed dressed as an irish rugby player, there was a load of us so we looked great. died of hangover in work then on thursday. went shopping yesterday, will post pics later in the day. in the meantime im heading off for a snazzy dinner with my bf

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

strawberries are goooood!

i lust for this for me and my bike

i bought strawberries yesterday and they're best before was yesterday, ate them today and they where soooo good. you know that just the right amount of juicy. om nom nom.

so i made a decision last week to go back to college (well thats if i get in) i have applied to IADT and DIT to do photography, 4 years, yikes. ill be 30 finishing... thats seems like a helluva long time away but needs must. have started to look at one year courses in engerland but that seems very scarey too, must look into it a bit more. one year would be more convenient than 4!

since i made the decision, work seems a lot more bearable. was getting tough there for a while but having something to focus on other than work takes the seriousness out of it. its just an option that im exploring. as long as it gets the camera back in my hands ill be happy enough. watch this space.


there's this guy that i work with and do you know how i know he's not working? he's typing. typing is not in his job at all. and he types really obnoxiously, you know like that girl in "up in the air".

vent over.

Monday, February 8, 2010

om nom nom

in work, starving, last day of week one of the chemical diet, i slipped up and had chips and a chicken burger last night! i blame my bf! but another week of this and i should be slim like jim!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

home on the range

so got in my (underused) car and headed for the hills (literally) back home to wicklow! i like driving cause it gives me time to think, or not, depending what mood im in! it takes a good 2 and half hours to get home so thats a lot of singing along to my ipod! i dont come home often but when i do its filled with lots of family time which i love! i left home 6 years ago for college, returned for a period of nine months and then hit the road again so i have been out of home for a long time! what i love about home is the routine, my mother never varies and its comforting, can be frustrating but mostly comforting. as with all mothers she can irritate but at the end of the day shes still my mam and i wouldnt change her for the world.

i had a lovely day today. i woke at 9. weed :) then went back to my camp bed in the sitting room and slept for another 3 hours. i didnt need to. i wanted to. got up, had my breakfast of toast and grapefruit (red grapefruit = yum) and went for walk with one of my sisters in a woods near my house, was something i hadnt planned on but really enjoyed, was good to catch up and just natter. i then collected my mam, and went for a visit to my oldest sisters house. 5 months ago she had a baby boy, he is the cutest thing in this world. hands down. everything he does makes me smile and he doesn't even do that much. he has made me miss home more and more, everytime i see him he is a different child, i miss alot, but my sister is very good with videos and pictures but its not the same. i then went to the cinema with my other sister (there are 4 of us girls and 2 boys) to see Youth in Revolt (good movie, worth a watch) with 3 of her friends. i tend to hermit-ise when i come home so it was good to get out and spend some quality time with her, again its the whole not seeing my family that often that means i appreciate these times more.

so here i am in my camp bed, wide awake, wanting to sleep and not being able to. dinner is at 1 so i probably should turn in. although im sure the 2 boys clattering in the door will wake me as soon as i hit the hay

Thursday, February 4, 2010

swings and roundabouts...

so today i conquered a fear of mine. ok here's the scoop, for 3 1/2 years now i have driven my lovely little red car around these roads and just after christmas i left her in her parking space and have begun cycling to and from work which is 15km every day, no mean feat but im getting there. anyway i usually cycle on the footpath but sometimes thats not possible and lets face it its a lot of stopping and starting so i took to the roads (scarey enough) then i hit a bump in the road! roundabouts! i can take the first exit. i can take the second exit. but when it comes to the third.. forget it. i just get this irrational fear i dunno what it is, i think its all the blind spots or i dunno. so today i just went for it! i pedaled as fast my shrinking (hopefully) legs could take me first exit passed, second exit passed (heart starting to beat very fast now) approaching third exit, stick arm out to the left, keep looking behind me, feel like im gonna explode and then bam... its over... i did it! feel very free! need to find another fear now!

also someone nearly knocked me off my bike today so i gave her and her ford mondeo the finger! not my proudest moment but ho hum, needs must

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lesson learned

skinny jeans, rain and cycling just don't work! although it was my first time cycling in the rain which was quite fun! i didn't get too wet and i made it to work in spiffing time.

today i started a detox diet, so far it's going quite well, i am following one that my sister gave me, tried it before and lost 7lbs so I'm willing to give it a try.

Every morning for brekkie half a grapefruit and a slice of toast

Day 1: Lunch 4 slices Turkey and a tomato
Dinner Fish & Veg

Day 2: Lunch Fruit Salad
Dinner Steak & Tomato

Day3: Lunch Salmon & Salad
Dinner 2 Lamb Chops & Veg

Day4: Lunch 2 Boiled eggs & 1 slice of toast
Breast of Chicken

Day5: Lunch 4 Slices of cheese & 1 slice of toast
Dinner Fish & Veg

Day 6 Lunch Fruit Salad
Dinner Steak & Tomoato

Day 7 Lunch Breast of Chicken
Dinner Chicken & Veg

will post results in 7 days and maybe some pics of how i have jazzed up the meals!

Monday, February 1, 2010

bloggin' for the hell of it

so i'm new to this blogging thing, but i found myself thinking in status updates or feeling like i wanted to share things but didn't really feel like sharing them with my friends, so here i am.

the latest addition to my life is my bicycle! i love it! i wanted one for so long and then my ever wonderful boyfriend got me the one i always wanted but never really knew i wanted. stereotypically it's pink, its a beach cruiser and has a basket and a disney princess bell. i also have to pedal backwards to stop. the only disadvantage being that where i live is mostly hills and there are no gears but i don't care i love it and i will soon have legs like beyoncé so how bad!

i have a feeling that i will blog about my bike alot, and how it affects my life (or how i allow it to) i have already begun planning my outfits around my bike which is always fun. i started abandoning my car for said bike ie cycling the 15km to and from work everyday, in the hope that it will help me to achieve my goal of losing another 18lbs before the end of may. watch this space.

another thing i like to do is to read angel cards. this is also relatively new to my life but i really enjoy it and really feel a connection between me and the angels although i do struggle as i know that angels are gods messengers but i am still unsure how i feel about this whole "god" thing. being raised catholic forces me to ask many questions about the religion. i have only read my sisters and my mothers and one of my male friends cards so far but i seem pretty spot on, i would like to try it out on a stranger but am quite nervous. again watch this space.

thats about it for the evening, i will blog again.

i love makin' noise

i am irish i am 25 i am female i am a graphic designer i also recently began to cycle. this is my blog it won't be clever it may be funny but i certainly won't mean it enjoy