Sunday, February 28, 2010

i had a funny day yesterday. not funny haha. just funny. it left me with a huge sense of melancholy. i spent the morning photographing my back yard, and more importantly my dads mobile home. i spent the morning with him which is something i haven't done in a while. i don't know why it made me sad but it did. he is so content with his lot and was so eager to help me. so eager that he is bringing me around next week to take pictures of some spots that he knows that he thinks will be interesting. he's also taking me to smithfield market for the day. i also got news yesterday that a guy that i was in college with in first year hung himself last week. he dropped out in first year so I didn't know him THAT well but still and all it was very sad to hear. i would hate to think that one of my friends felt that they had nowhere to turn and that death was the only option.

yesterday was a tough day

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