Sunday, August 21, 2011

spanish strolling

so after all my traveling around france, mayo, dublin, wicklow, dublin again, spain i have finally stopped to relax for the week. although spain was pretty relaxing. haven't been photographing much but did bring the camera everywhere with me. went for a bit of a stroll whilst in spain and above is some of the shots i took. really relaxing holiday, lying by the pool and reading and generally just being a vegetable, much needed. back in the swing of things now tomorrow and looking forward to creative campus starting full time next monday... watch this space. more photos on my flickr

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

rail trip

since friday last i have been on every mode of public transport imaginable. i traveled from Waterford to Dublin by train with a stop over in Dublin for 3 hours, where I took a trip to IMMA where I saw "Out of the Dark Room: The David Kronn Collection" well worth a visit. From there I went west to Mayo for a wedding with my good friend Alan. Was way too hungover to stroll around Castlebar with my camera which is a pity cause there are some great spots in the town. I will return although not too soon, its a long trip on the train. 
From Mayo I went back east to Dublin for a meeting with the Creative Campus crew. This was held in the Big Picture in Tallaght which is the venue that we will occupy for 3 weeks to create site specific works relating to the building and the surrounds. The event is curated by Matt Green, Stuart Sloan and Joan Healy. There are 18 artists involved in the initiative all interested in using different technologies which they may not have used before. It is a collaborative initiative aimed and bringing different artists from different backgrounds eg music, photography, performance, animation... to name but a few to help and learn from each other. We have been divided in to 3 groups of 6 and each group given a floor. It all kicks off on the 29th of August so should keep me busy for 3 weeks. more information to follow. Above are some photos from my rail trip, there are more on my flickr

Thursday, August 4, 2011

yesterday I had the pleasure of working with the stunning Kallie Ann Colfer who was styled by the fabulous Agnes of Agnes wasn't present at the shoot but she had Kallie kitted out with the most fantastic dresses and accessories. Hair by Mark. MUA Sarah Jane Hanton @ Sneak peek of the photos above, will upload more once Kallie picks her favourites.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Douarnenez and Doors


So I came back from France yesterday EXHAUSTED! 

I was in a town called Douarnenez, which is in Brittany in the North of France. Beautiful little town. I was there to shoot the wedding of the amazing Sarah Murphy and Thibault Peigne... still have to begin working on those photos. 

On the Sunday I went for a short stroll around the town (really not long enough, I should have taken the whole day) This place was made for me with my obsession with doors and door numbers and run down looking buildings! Few pictures there for you to enjoy, more on my flickr