Sunday, June 27, 2010

spectacle wearer of the year

David Grant asked me to take some photos of him for a competition he was entering, this is the one we entered

Friday, June 25, 2010


so i went on holidays for a while, i brought the camera but i mostly shot from my new diana+ so have to wait for those before i can post my photos of the day. i'm a stickler for order. gotten very lazy since i got back, injured my toe and pain killers are very drowsey making. promise to be back on form once i'm up and running again. in the mean time here's a pic from my first day with my diana. it has 2 people in it, can you guess who?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


took this today out on a shoot for a company i do work for, its the top of their bowling lanes, thought it was pretty cool


total cop out so tired, crap picture these are getting more and more frequent

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


matthew and sally. my sister asked me to take some photos of matthew on monday morning, we did some nappy shots and he was gettin tired so we dressed him and let the dog in... delighted


very late... VERY hungover. shallow dept of field, taras shoes before we fell asleep


view from our hotel room in cork, technically on sat as it was passed 12 at night


this is one of moe's feet from her end of year show, this was the view from the 3rd story window of the old tax office in cork, looking beyond the foot


tipsey drinking wine in aines house, liked the sky and the shapes made by the window, nothing too spectacular

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


the bain of my life. the reason why i have to work late.


i have passed this bridge well over a hundred times and admired the shape and hard lines of it. it doesn't look like it belongs where it is. it was recently painted. it used to be a rusty red. i wish i had photographed it then too. i was lucky today though, the sun was shining and the colours where very bright. for a girl who used to shun colour photography i'm really getting into it now.


so very tired... gettin lazy


so this is not photographically wonderful but i love the book. i woulda bought it had i not spent a fortune on cameras. amazing. colours are nice too.


myself and carol where eyeing up the blue gate all day. i had photographed it earlier in the day. then this bike arrived. darran wondered if it would have looked better without the bags but i like them.


i was shooting a building for a company in work and i saw this shore, i really liked the colours and the shape, i have a thing about repeat pattern