Thursday, April 29, 2010


so it was another one of those weeks. seems to be getting all to frequent. i think i may be back in my rut. i haven't had the camera out in a while. well for personal shots. i have been doing some jobs for clients. nothing too exciting, one was fish and chips! and the other was for a shower company although it does seem like i may be doing one shoot a week which really is not half bad. reevaluating my situation. have had this immense headache all week. pretty sure it's stress. feels like a stress headache. so the days are feeling longer and i am wanting nothing but to go home to bed. i don't even have an appetite, that doesn't stop me from wolfing down tayto cheese and onion though. have been to the gym every day bar one, didn't put much into it today and haven't been running or cycling all week. i am tired. darran thinks i try to do too much, i feel i don't do enough!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Exposé Live

so today was Xposé Live for STELLAR magazine. i arrived 10 mins early (obv) and waited outside to be met by the lovely Dilan who was to be my partner in crime for the day. he was the "style spotter" and i was the photographer... an unbeatable team! the day was very slow to begin with and kinda continued like that for the day. to be honest it was slim pickings. people where there for comfort rather than style which i found strange for such an event. i can understand why people went for comfortable but would have made my day more interesting if they had have dressed up. so the day was a wave of stylish women of all shapes and sizes arriving at the STELLAR stand, which had myself, Makeup Forever providing free makeovers and STELLAR being sold for half price just €1. it was all go. and the team where very professional and the experience i got was experience i would never have gotten anywhere else. at the end of the day i got the opportunity to photograph the fashion show (pics on flickr), style lesson from Corrina Gaffey and the presentation of the award for most stylish woman that day. I will post pictures from the style search after they have been printed in the magazine. in the mean time check out my flickr!

will you take me back?

have been negligent of blog of late... is all forgiven? so things have been up and down as usual! lot of work (work work) and since the portfolio was handed in not so much photography done although i needed a break! been messin about with it but nothing major. UNTIL two big events this week. one was speakeasy sessions last night where i was asked to be the photographer for the night. was tough. i'd never done an event like that, the pub is small and dark and you can't really move around let alone get candid shots of people in conversation and generally having a good time which is what the brief was. so i adjusted the brief (oops) and did so arty shots, see my flickr, they're up there.

and the second event? tomorrow i will be photographing a style competition for STELLAR magazine. pro bono of course but i will be credited in the magazine! heres hoping it all pans out. ill update tomorrow, i promise!