Thursday, April 29, 2010


so it was another one of those weeks. seems to be getting all to frequent. i think i may be back in my rut. i haven't had the camera out in a while. well for personal shots. i have been doing some jobs for clients. nothing too exciting, one was fish and chips! and the other was for a shower company although it does seem like i may be doing one shoot a week which really is not half bad. reevaluating my situation. have had this immense headache all week. pretty sure it's stress. feels like a stress headache. so the days are feeling longer and i am wanting nothing but to go home to bed. i don't even have an appetite, that doesn't stop me from wolfing down tayto cheese and onion though. have been to the gym every day bar one, didn't put much into it today and haven't been running or cycling all week. i am tired. darran thinks i try to do too much, i feel i don't do enough!

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