Wednesday, July 27, 2011

el higado no existe

Friday night was an evening with a difference when El Higado No Existe occupied a pop up venue, The Market, High St. Waterford with their "darkly illuminaing mystique" They where joined on the night by students of the Red Kettle Theatre Academy for two new short productions "Arthur and Isobel" and "The Drink Talking", created to be premiered on the night.
El Higado No Existe where formed in July 2010 with their Tom Wait's inspired musical concoctions they rocked The Speakeasy Sessions and where snapped up by the Blazing Horse Festival soon after.

Another performance on the night was by jazz pianist Morgan Cooke hidden away in a specially created elf like cave where he dazzled the crowd with his Harp playing.

A personal highlight for me was the Visual Arts exhibition which saw artists from around Waterford City present their work in a casual and laid back fashion. Artwork arrived in dribs and drabs on the Thursday previously and was still being hung on the Friday which made for a higgildy piggildy (but in a good way) exhibition of various different artworks.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

busy 2

so saturday was my second shoot for again it was another VIP winner but this time we rocked 1950s glamour. i arrived at 1pm and sarah jane was working her magic on our stunning model Susan Bell Flavin. Next it was in to hair with the rediculously talented rebecca marshman who gave Susan soft curls for the first half of the shoot then gave her a bit of oompf with some curls surrounding her face!

on this shoot we had Agnes from Vintage Trig come along and style our model. Although Susan had brought some of her own clothes (that stunning green dress) Agnes added hats, jewels and handbags to the mix adding that touch of glamour we where looking for.

Susan was great to work with, she channeled Christina Hendrix and rocked that green dress! stunning. quick costume change and we where in a boudoir waiting for her man.

we had so much fun on the day, in the studio for about 4 hours and we all became firm friends, can't wait to work with the girls again.

more images available here

Monday, July 25, 2011


been run off my feet the past week. haven't had a minute to sit down.

had 2 shoots with both where VIP competition winners, so ordinary women come in to the studio they get full hair and makeup done in the style that they have chosen. Louise the first girl of the week decided she wanted to go for 70s style. So after a visit to Agnes in Vintage Trig she arrived to the studio armed with gunas galore to be styled within an inch of her life. Firstly she had her hair styled by the amazing Rebecca Marshman then it was in to the makeup chair to allow Sarah Jane Hanton to work her magic.

We had so much fun. I shot her in different outfits, different poses etc. Lou was so easy to work with, she would do anything you asked her to.. within reason :)

all in all a great day had by all... loving working with the girls on these shoots. will blog about the second one tomorrow, in the meantime the above is a selection of some of my favourite shots from the day

Monday, July 11, 2011

summer drives

being temporarily out of work has meant that my camera is getting LOADS of extra curricular activity. and isn't this sun just lovely? quick pic i took looking out over boat strand yesterday. sun was splitting the stones! was a great day

photo shoot tomorrow for KISS magazine! excitement

Passage East

Another Summer photowalk with the PhotoNerds Camera Club. Luckily the rain held off and I was quite happy with some of the shots I took. Was a fairly murky day all in all, but I find that defused light is sometimes perfect for the results I look for! it brings out the different tones in the natural colours we encountered along the walk.

We started by trekking up the Hurt Hill which is not only a tough old climb up all those steps but is VERY green. At the top there is a converted church, it seems to be a holiday home of some sort but there is noone there at the moment and was obviously the home of the infamous goats which where stolen recently as there was some load of droppings around the place. Great view of the village from up there too.

We then went down to harbour with a focus (no pun intended) on up close shots to really pay attention the composition of our images. I got some interesting images involving the moss on the walls and the tires hanging there to stop the ferry from running into the wall and played around with close ups (well as close as I could get with a kit lens). The photo above is my favourite from the day.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

so today I spent the day working with the beauty team on a video showcasing their fantastic, multi-use studio. the whole team where out in force, with 2 hair stylists, 2 makeup artists and one photographer on hand to look after the 6 lucky girls involved in the parties every need.

the girls where greeted by Sarah Jane (head of and treated to Champagne, strawberries and cup cake. after a period of relaxation and chit chat the girls where whisked away to the individual 'film star' mirrors to be primped and pampered within and inch of their lifes... the results.... stunning! (not that the girls wheren't stunning before hand)

on hand we had a film crew documenting the entire event, interviewing the stylists, makeup artists, the girls involved and yours truely in an attempt to show the different aspects of the studio and it's es myriad of uses.

it was a long but exciting day, i can't wait to get to work proper on the images, in the mean time above is a teaser from today.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blog Neglect

It's been over a year since I posted in here, terribly neglectful. But sure here goes nothing (again). Been a busy year, exhibiting and working away. Will start from now though as there is no point boring you with all the past stuff, it can all be seen on anyway. this week my stuff is on show in Hive Gallery, Waterford. Hive is located behind the new Waterford Crystal building so if you're around the general area pop in for a gander.