Monday, July 25, 2011


been run off my feet the past week. haven't had a minute to sit down.

had 2 shoots with both where VIP competition winners, so ordinary women come in to the studio they get full hair and makeup done in the style that they have chosen. Louise the first girl of the week decided she wanted to go for 70s style. So after a visit to Agnes in Vintage Trig she arrived to the studio armed with gunas galore to be styled within an inch of her life. Firstly she had her hair styled by the amazing Rebecca Marshman then it was in to the makeup chair to allow Sarah Jane Hanton to work her magic.

We had so much fun. I shot her in different outfits, different poses etc. Lou was so easy to work with, she would do anything you asked her to.. within reason :)

all in all a great day had by all... loving working with the girls on these shoots. will blog about the second one tomorrow, in the meantime the above is a selection of some of my favourite shots from the day

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