Wednesday, July 27, 2011

el higado no existe

Friday night was an evening with a difference when El Higado No Existe occupied a pop up venue, The Market, High St. Waterford with their "darkly illuminaing mystique" They where joined on the night by students of the Red Kettle Theatre Academy for two new short productions "Arthur and Isobel" and "The Drink Talking", created to be premiered on the night.
El Higado No Existe where formed in July 2010 with their Tom Wait's inspired musical concoctions they rocked The Speakeasy Sessions and where snapped up by the Blazing Horse Festival soon after.

Another performance on the night was by jazz pianist Morgan Cooke hidden away in a specially created elf like cave where he dazzled the crowd with his Harp playing.

A personal highlight for me was the Visual Arts exhibition which saw artists from around Waterford City present their work in a casual and laid back fashion. Artwork arrived in dribs and drabs on the Thursday previously and was still being hung on the Friday which made for a higgildy piggildy (but in a good way) exhibition of various different artworks.

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