Monday, February 1, 2010

bloggin' for the hell of it

so i'm new to this blogging thing, but i found myself thinking in status updates or feeling like i wanted to share things but didn't really feel like sharing them with my friends, so here i am.

the latest addition to my life is my bicycle! i love it! i wanted one for so long and then my ever wonderful boyfriend got me the one i always wanted but never really knew i wanted. stereotypically it's pink, its a beach cruiser and has a basket and a disney princess bell. i also have to pedal backwards to stop. the only disadvantage being that where i live is mostly hills and there are no gears but i don't care i love it and i will soon have legs like beyoncé so how bad!

i have a feeling that i will blog about my bike alot, and how it affects my life (or how i allow it to) i have already begun planning my outfits around my bike which is always fun. i started abandoning my car for said bike ie cycling the 15km to and from work everyday, in the hope that it will help me to achieve my goal of losing another 18lbs before the end of may. watch this space.

another thing i like to do is to read angel cards. this is also relatively new to my life but i really enjoy it and really feel a connection between me and the angels although i do struggle as i know that angels are gods messengers but i am still unsure how i feel about this whole "god" thing. being raised catholic forces me to ask many questions about the religion. i have only read my sisters and my mothers and one of my male friends cards so far but i seem pretty spot on, i would like to try it out on a stranger but am quite nervous. again watch this space.

thats about it for the evening, i will blog again.

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  1. oooooooooh i love this bike, do you know where he got it? i need one!