Thursday, February 4, 2010

swings and roundabouts...

so today i conquered a fear of mine. ok here's the scoop, for 3 1/2 years now i have driven my lovely little red car around these roads and just after christmas i left her in her parking space and have begun cycling to and from work which is 15km every day, no mean feat but im getting there. anyway i usually cycle on the footpath but sometimes thats not possible and lets face it its a lot of stopping and starting so i took to the roads (scarey enough) then i hit a bump in the road! roundabouts! i can take the first exit. i can take the second exit. but when it comes to the third.. forget it. i just get this irrational fear i dunno what it is, i think its all the blind spots or i dunno. so today i just went for it! i pedaled as fast my shrinking (hopefully) legs could take me first exit passed, second exit passed (heart starting to beat very fast now) approaching third exit, stick arm out to the left, keep looking behind me, feel like im gonna explode and then bam... its over... i did it! feel very free! need to find another fear now!

also someone nearly knocked me off my bike today so i gave her and her ford mondeo the finger! not my proudest moment but ho hum, needs must

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