Tuesday, February 9, 2010

strawberries are goooood!

i lust for this for me and my bike

i bought strawberries yesterday and they're best before was yesterday, ate them today and they where soooo good. you know that just the right amount of juicy. om nom nom.

so i made a decision last week to go back to college (well thats if i get in) i have applied to IADT and DIT to do photography, 4 years, yikes. ill be 30 finishing... thats seems like a helluva long time away but needs must. have started to look at one year courses in engerland but that seems very scarey too, must look into it a bit more. one year would be more convenient than 4!

since i made the decision, work seems a lot more bearable. was getting tough there for a while but having something to focus on other than work takes the seriousness out of it. its just an option that im exploring. as long as it gets the camera back in my hands ill be happy enough. watch this space.

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