Thursday, July 4, 2013

Supplier Spotlight - Eric O'Hickey, Bridal Hair

This week's supplier spotlight is my good friend Eric O'Hickey. Eric and I have worked on a number of projects together, not only is he a genius with few hair pins and a can of hairspray but he is also a riot to have around. The perfect addition to any wedding morning. If you like what you see drop him a line on 087 613 6759 or at

What brought you to the world of hair?
Thats actually a funny story, I was in art college and coming to my finals I didnt really know what to do with myself, I wanted to study fashion but couldn't find a course in Ireland that I liked, at the same time my cousin had started training as a hairdresser and while out for her birthday I asked her how she was getting on an she said great and that I should do it that I'd love it so I said ok and that was it! I was always interested in hair as it was a vital part of fashion, so it gave me a chance to stay in the industry I loved but along a different path.

What is your favourite bridal look at the minute?
My favorite bridal look at the minute has to be the 1930's Veronica Lake peekaboo wave hairstyle, its so simple and looks effortless, teamed with either a sparkly slide or a birdcage headpiece or even a full veil its always a showstopper.

What products can you not live without?
Dry shampoo is definatly a must have in my kit, it can help create volume on limp hair an sort out an product build up or oils in the hair,

What should a bride have in her bag before leaving for the ceremony?
SPARE PINS!!!! I always make sure to give a handfull to the bride and bridesmaids, just incase, alot can happen between the house and the church!!

What trends do you think will be popular with this year’s brides?
Its hard to know what will be this years "in thing" because all brides are different but I do find alot of people are going for the "done but undone' style, which is almost like a boho upstyle, they like their hair to look natural,as if they just swept it up with 2 pins. although sometimes this look can take longer to create.

Any hair care tips for brides in the run up to their big day?
I would always say get your hair cut as little as possible but also be realistic, extensions can be clipped or pinned in to match your own hair an no one will ever know.

What do you like to do on your day off?
Day off?? hmmmm sounds vaguely familiar.

Sweets or savoury?
Sweets!! I love cake, deserts, I always think a good desert can make up for an awful dinner but hey thats just me.

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