Monday, January 7, 2013

Katie's Tips - Tip 4 Booking a Photographer

Having met my fair share of couples over the years I have come to the conclusion that there are four main things to consider when choosing your photographer.

1. Have they much experience?
Do they know what they are doing? It's all well and good to get Uncle Tom from down the road to do your photos but does he know what he's at? Does he know how a wedding should flow? Your photographer is an integral part to your day and will help you out a lot throughout the day. Pick wisely.

2. What's their style?
Every photographer has a different style of photography. This will influence their albums and design of albums also so make sure you like what they are doing.

3. How much have you got?
This is usually the deciding factor. Make a list of all your priorities, put them in order of importance, then allocate a budget to each one and begin shopping around. If you find a photographer who costs more than your budget allows go to the bottom of your list and see what you can knock off down there.

4. Are they sound?
Ok they're a super talented photographer but are they nice. Do your personalities gel? I've heard some nightmare stories from couples about wedding photographers taking over the day because of their gra to get 'that shot' your photographer should suit the both of you. Remember you'll spend a good percentage of the day with them

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