Thursday, June 6, 2013

Supplier Spotlight - Jill Blanc Designs

Jill has a computer degree (which hasn’t been used in 8 years!?!). She's Irish, from Waterford City, went to college and met her husband in Dublin City University and settled in Naas, Co. Kildare. She two beautiful kooky daughters. She's partial to an over-the-top hair accessory She believes there is beauty in symmetry. She goes through a crazy amount of false eyelashes because she likes to wear two pairs at a time. She really hates having to wear glasses. She could quite happily live in a TK MAXX store.
She is also a super talented stationary designer and was kind enough to take some time out to talk to me about her work. More over on her website here.

Straw Flags & Tags - Photo by Lucy Takes Photos 

What brought you to the world of design?
I suppose I’ve always been a little bit creative, loved art in school, loved painting, drawing and sewing but doing my degree in IT I didn’t get much of a chance to continue with it. So when I started working in the real world, it was surprising that I always seemed to fall in to the web design/graphic design roles despite being hired as a software engineer – I guess my employers saw that arty side of me. So being allowed to learn on job, I taught myself how to use various graphic design programs by trial and error {this was before tutorials on YouTube – God, I feel old!}. So I suppose you could say I am self-taught. Then after I got married I left fulltime employment, and had two daughters, Cara and Abby, but kept sewing and making wedding stationery for friends and it just progressed from there.

Steampunk Invitation - Photo by Chemistry Photography

What is your favourite design trend at the minute?
I’ve never been one for anything understated, so I have to say I still absolutely love the vintage trend that has been around for the last few years. In my book, more is more.

What products can you not live without?
Microsoft Word – This might sound a tad blasphemous to graphic designers out there but I do most of design work in Word! *ducks*
GIMP {GNU Image Manipulation Program} – - think free Adobe Photoshop
Sissix Big Shot – for all your fabulous die-cutting needs
Pritt Stick – yer only man for sticking

Favour Tags

What advice would you give to a bride when planning her big day?
Don’t try to please everyone, it’s impossible, and you will only stress yourself out and end up annoyed and unhappy– be true to yourself and it will all turn out amazing! {from my own wedding experience!}

Flower girl Flag
What trends do you think will be popular with this year’s weddings?
From my correspondence with brides, popular colours this year are coral, peach and grey. Brides are definitely getting more adventurous which is just fabulous! Really inspirational!

Candy Stripe - photo by Dennigan Photography

What do you like to do on your day off?
Day off?!? LOL  When I do decide to take some time out from making stationery, housework, and children, I really love getting dolled up to the nines and going for a cocktail somewhere special.

Dessert Table Signage
Sweets or savoury?
Sweets OF COURSE!!

L: Perry Cake Bunting R: Woodland Photoshoot - Photo by Dennigan Photography

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