Thursday, June 20, 2013

Supplier Spotlight - MPT - Mobile Personal Training

I met Andy from MPT through his girlfriend who I just happened to go to college with. I'm in my 4th week of training with Andy and I can't believe the difference already. I have lost 6lbs of body fat and it really didn't feel like that much effort.

The workouts are so much fun, don't get me wrong, you're sweating and red faced afterwards but you feel like you had fun doing it.

I caught up with Andy the other day to ask him about how is service could benefit my brides to be.

What brought you to the world of personal training?

That’s a great question! It consisted of a few things really. I spent 8 years working as a fitness instructor in Carlow and for the past number of years was commuting almost daily to Waterford to train in my sport, Mixed Martial Arts with Waterford MMA. I had looked into the idea of finding work in Waterford in the leisure industry but instead of waiting for something to happen I took the plunge and started MPT with a good friend of mine Alan Butler, who is based in Carlow. I graduated from Waterford I.T with an Honour’s degree in Recreation and Sport Management. What I really enjoyed most, both in college and in the gym was working with people on a daily basis, designing and implementing  programs and motivating them to succeed. This has really served me well with MPT.

What advice would you give to brides to be?

I’d have to say don’t put yourself under any undue pressure and enjoy the whole experience. You’re marrying someone that loves you for you. In relation to exercise, I would definitely recommend some form of physical activity as it does serve as an excellent destresser and gives a sense of accomplishment and achievement after each training session. The overall health benefits of being active are far superior to simply looking at a number on a set of scales. I personally work off an 80-20 ratio in that I work hard on my diet and training for 80% of the week and then allow myself that 20% to still be human and enjoy the treats in life. Everything in moderation and balance. Exercise and diet should help improve your lifestyle, not the opposite and sometimes we can forget that.

How far before the wedding should a bride start their workout?

Again, it really depends on what the bride’s goals are and the individual themselves. I’ve worked with brides-to-be as far as a year out but also as little as 4 weeks before their big day. Each individual is different but it really is never too late to start in order to achieve some of those overall health benefits before your big day.

Any diet and nutrition tips for brides to be?

Every body type is different therefore the needs of the individual can differ depending on what sort of shape a bride hopes to be on the wedding day. What I would say is that a bride to be should try to consume a minimum of two litres of water a day in order to stay adequately hydrated and flush toxins out of their system. Also, try to consume plenty of fruit, anything that ends in berries is always excellent as they are full of antioxidants and are great for your skin and provide good natural sugars. 

In my past 8 years 90% of people who I have designed a program for have said that their main goal is to ‘tone up and lose weight.’ You have to realise that a workout is on average one hour of your day and there are 23 other hours free. You cant outwork a bad diet so try make sure that your workout compliments a healthy diet and try stay clear of starchy, fatty foods and fizzy drinks. My biggest tip, is to start your day with a good breakfast that contains some form of protein, this will set you up for the day and reduce hunger pangs. The protein is used for growth and repair so will help shape and define those muscles that you’ve worked during your exercise session.

What does a typical personal training session look like?

Each session is different depending on the individual however there are a number of things that remain the same. I always arrive at a client’s door and introduce myself with a smile. Once introduced I assess the individuals body composition analysis. This is strictly confidential and allows the client to get a print out of their Weight, BMI, Fat Percentage, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass and Total Body Water, which we keep track of throughout our training process. I then give out a diet sheet and discuss the client’s goals and find out what they’re looking to achieve. 

A typical session lasts an hour and consists of a warm up, dynamic stretch, advanced warm up, main phase consisting of both full body cardio, strength and conditioning, cool down and post stretch. The workouts are fun and adaptable for all fitness levels from complete beginner to the advanced athlete. The service is unique in that it enables clients to exercise in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Clients are also encouraged to message me for advice throughout the week so they can receive the constant support they need in order to achieve their goals. I feel that this is a vital part of the service as believe it or not the training is the easy bit. The support network is important so clients can feel free to ask questions on their diet on a difficult day to ensure they stay on track.

What do you like to do on your day off?

To be honest I’m never really switched off as I’m constantly trying to help motivate my clients or am in the gym training myself. You’ll either find me training Mixed Martial Arts with my coaches and teammates at Waterford MMA, catching up with friends and family or chilling at home with my girlfriend Marina.

Sweets or savoury?
Sweet. Hey I’m human too!!! But as I say to everyone, everything in moderation! 80-20 Remember!!

Check the guys out on their facebook page, and maybe book a session, trust me you won't regret it

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